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Animals and pets on ferries

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We have been reading all your comments on our recent facebook post regarding pets and animals onboard our services and have decided to review the NSW Passenger Transport Act and regulations again to see if we can still allow you to travel with them.

Rather than strictly enforcing the NSW Passenger Transport Act and regulations from 1 July we have decided to take the approach to monitor usage, provide guidance to customers and enforce if there is any risk to other passengers’ safety or wellbeing.

This means you can continue to use our services with your pets and animals like you have in the past, but we do reserve the right to refuse travel.

This may occur when your animals or pets are not clean, appear vicious or likely to annoy, threaten or inconvenience other customers, or if the service has reached capacity.

We do listen to your feedback and want to provide the best service possible and feel

that the above approach is the best compromise going forward.

Read our Pets and Animals page for more information.

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